Upcoming Trade Show2011-08-25 | 5:36 p.m.

Geez, what a day.

These days, I have to put a lot of effort into acquisition, because when I moved, my law office moved with me.

I have the rather great opportunity to be an exhibitor at a local trade show concentrating on Homecare and Eldercare.

A few months ago, I finally became a certified family law specialist and have also just finished a course to become a certified social assistance law specialist.

Thatís why itís really, really cool that they have chosen me for this specific trade show.

Best thing of all: Itís completely free and they also put BIG ads in the local papers.

Bummer: You have to create your own stall.

Fortunately, I am friends with two advertising agencies, so the design part isnít that big of a problem.

But I have to tell them exactly what I want, so Iíve been creating texts, ideas, informationÖ

In the end, I will probably spend around 400.00 Ä for a big poster with a very neat poster stand and 250 personalized pens with my logo, name, and phone number.

I also have to create some flyers and so on and so onÖ

I guess, Iíll stay busyÖ


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